Wetplates at Grassi Museum in Leipzig

Good news: I will be holding a talk about wetplates at Grassi Museum in Leipzig on April 2 as a part of the analogNOW! weekend. During that weekend, many interesting talks and workshops are being held, more info can be found here.

My talk is starting at 1 until 2pm and afterwards, you can get a 4×5″ tintype. If you want to reserve a slot please send me a mail with your name and the time, here is the schedule:
Price is 50€ per plate (plus shipping).

Schedule for Wetplates at Grassi Mueseum

Time on 2nd. AprilAvailability
13:00-14:00Talk about Wetplates at Grassi Museum

Here are some samples from the last Tintype Portrait Session in October 2021 or look at the images from last year’s analogNOW! weekend in Berlin.

What is a Wetplate?

A unique photograph made with a process invented in 1851 that is created by silver and light on an aluminum plate. Collodion is flowed on the plate, sensitized by dipping it in silver nitrate and exposed and developed when it is still wet.
The final photograph is then processed through the fixing bath, washed, dried and varnished with a protective layer.

Those „polaroids of the 1800s“ are a unique object and have a special character, they are made to last for a century.


Can I receive a digital copy (scan) of the plates?

Yes, you can add the option to receive a high resolution scan of the tintype or ambrotype.

I would be interested in having a „Tintype Photo Booth“ at an event. What options are possible?

A „Tintype Photo Booth“ can be set up very easily, either outdoors or indoors. For Photo Booth Events, I can pour one 4×5″ plate every 10-15mins, so please consider this if you have a bigger crowd.

Can I get a portrait session in a „studio“ setting?

Studio lighting is possible at any time.

Can you also come to a place outside Berlin?

Of course, I can come to you for a portrait session with a car.

I’d love to have a plate together with my partner or family members. How many people can be on one tintype?

Outdoors, I can make group portraits up to 20 people, indoors I am currently limited to max. 3 people.

Can I also get a voucher for a shooting?

No problem, please contact me for the best way for having a voucher or gift card.

Can I get my portraits framed?

Either I can frame it or I’ll help you to find a suitable frame for your plate.

Do you also photograph kids and pets?

I can not guarantee a good plate of your kid and/or your pet in general, but if you take the risk, I try my best to make it happen – just remember this process can be difficult for both kids and pets. Please, only for outdoor shootings, since I don’t want to use strobes for kids.