Capturing Timeless Portraits with the Wet Plate Collodion Process in Berlin

Capturing Timeless Portraits with the Wet Plate Collodion Process in Berlin

In a world of rapidly advancing digital photography, there is an art form that harks back to the roots of the medium, embracing a unique and timeless aesthetic. The wet plate collodion process, an antique photographic technique, has experienced a resurgence in recent years, captivating both photographers and portrait sitters alike. In the heart of Berlin, a tintype portrait studio run by the talented artist Maximilian Zeitler offers an opportunity to step back in time and have your portrait taken using this extraordinary process.

Portrait session - Exploring the Wet Plate Collodion Process

The Allure of Wet Plate Collodion Portraits

At Maximilian Zeitler’s Berlin studio, portrait sitters are presented with a choice between two captivating options: tintype and ambrotype. The tintype, a collodion image on aluminum, boasts a distinctive appearance that exudes charm and character. On the other hand, the ambrotype, with its collodion image on glass, possesses a delicate beauty that captures the essence of its subjects with unmatched clarity.

A Selection of Sizes for Personalized Display

One of the appealing aspects of a wet plate collodion portrait session with Maximilian Zeitler is the range of sizes available. From the smaller, more intimate 13x18cm portraits to the larger and grander 27x35cm and even 40x50cm formats, clients can select a size that best suits their preferences and display spaces. This variety ensures that each portrait becomes a personalized work of art, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Tintype Portrait Session

The Experience of a Portrait Session

Tintype Portrait Session

A wet plate collodion portrait session at Maximilian Zeitler’s studio is an unforgettable experience. Lasting approximately 90 minutes, the session is an artistic journey, during which 3-4 plates are meticulously created. The slow and deliberate nature of the process encourages both the photographer and the subject to connect on a deeper level, resulting in portraits that reflect the true essence of the individual.

An Affordable Option for Artistic Portraits

For those seeking an artistic portrait experience on a budget, Maximilian Zeitler’s studio offers a Low-Budget option via „Tintype Portrait Sessions“. This package focuses on the smaller 13x18cm and 18x24cm sizes, allowing more people to access the beauty and uniqueness of wet plate collodion portraiture with 30 minutes time-slots. Be sure to follow Maximilian Zeitler on Instagram for the next dates.

Beyond the Studio: Outdoor Sessions and Travel

While the Berlin studio provides a cozy and atmospheric setting for portrait sessions, Maximilian Zeitler’s talents extend beyond the confines of a traditional studio. With the option for outdoor sessions, the wet plate collodion process can beautifully capture the romance of weddings or the camaraderie of group portraits. Moreover, the photographer’s ability to travel with a portable darkroom within Germany opens up possibilities for capturing moments in diverse and inspiring locations.

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Pricing and Booking

or those interested in experiencing this unique art form firsthand, bookings can be made through the provided contact link, ensuring a personalized and memorable session.

Preserving Intimacy: Group Size and Children Considerations

Tintype Portrait Session

To maintain the artistic integrity of the wet plate collodion process, the number of people captured on one plate is limited to 2 to 3 individuals. This limitation ensures that each portrait is a focused and intimate portrayal of the subjects.

Additionally, clients with children are advised that the exposure time of 4-5 seconds may require some consideration. However, Maximilian Zeitler’s expertise and understanding in working with children guarantee that their youthful energy will be accommodated, resulting in enchanting and genuine portraits.

The Artist Behind the Lens: Maximilian Zeitler

A self-taught artist with 8 years of experience in the wet plate collodion process, Maximilian Zeitler brings not only technical skill but also a passion for the craft to each session. His dedication to preserving this antique photographic technique ensures that every portrait becomes a cherished work of art, standing the test of time. Here you can read an interview with him and Whitewall.

In conclusion, a wet plate collodion portrait session with Maximilian Zeitler’s studio in Berlin offers a truly unique and artistic experience. The charm of the tintype and ambrotype images, the selection of sizes, and the personal touch provided by the artist make each portrait session an extraordinary journey into the past. Whether capturing a moment of intimacy or celebrating the joy of a special occasion, wet plate collodion portraits carry an enduring beauty that will be treasured for generations to come