portrait session

Immerse yourself in the world of the early days of photography and let yourself get immortalized in silver and light in a Portrait Session with the historic wet plate collodion process.

What to expect from a portrait session?

A portrait with the wet plate collodion technique is a very special eye-catcher and a unique specimen – either on glass as ambrotype or on black aluminium as a tintype. Every photograph has to be developed on site and therefore I bring my darkroom with me.

The final plate size can be chosen individually from 4×5″ up to 11×14″. Interested?

Please fill out this form to contact me.

At the moment, I am beginning a journey with a new studio: here is more information.


How long does a portrait session take?

Usually, we will make around 3-4 plates in 1-1.5 hours. After that, the plates need to dry and get varnished.

What are your prices for a portrait session?

Depending on how large your portrait should be, if it’s in a studio or on location, I will make a special calculation every time. Please fill out this form and send me a mail.

Can I receive a digital copy (scan) of the plates?

Yes, you can add the option to receive a high resolution scan of the tintype or ambrotype.

I would be interested in having a „Tintype Photo Booth“ at an event. What options are possible?

A „Tintype Photo Booth“ can be set up very easily, either outdoors or indoors. For Photo Booth Events, I can pour one 4×5″ plate every 10-15mins, so please consider this if you have a bigger crowd.

Can I get a portrait session in a „studio“ setting?

Studio lighting is possible at any time.

Can you also come to a place outside Berlin?

Of course, I can come to you for a portrait session with a car.

I’d love to have a plate together with my partner or family members. How many people can be on one tintype?

Outdoors, I can make group portraits up to 20 people, indoors I am currently limited to max. 3 people.

Can I also get a voucher for a shooting?

No problem, please contact me for the best way for having a voucher or gift card.

Can I get my portraits framed?

Either I can frame it or I’ll help you to find a suitable frame for your plate.

Do you also photograph kids and pets?

I can not guarantee a good plate of your kid and/or your pet in general, but if you take the risk, I try my best to make it happen – just remember this process can be difficult for both kids and pets. Please, only for outdoor shootings, since I don’t want to use strobes for kids.