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Searching for points between ages is futile – time has always been a slippery slope – yet we do it. 

Linking anything to the past is always fueled by a desire to return. We search for moments that split time into before and after, points like doorways – as if they made it possible for us to leave the present through where we entered it. In many regards, the year 1850 is such a point. It marks the onset of industrialization, the beginning of many things that, in hindsight, we would like to undo or change. 

The 1850s also marked the onset of photography. In Holocene I use the collodion wet plate collodion negative process to capture nature as it unfolds in front of me today and print it on salted and albumen paper much like the first photographers at the doorway to the present.

Rather than an effort to escape back though it, it shows that this doorway we imagine might never have existed in the first place.

This body of work will be shown in Vazerol14 Gallery in November 2022.