Unleash Your Creativity: Dive into the World of Alternative Photographic Processes

Welcome to my section for all photography enthusiasts eager to explore the captivating realm of alternative photographic processes in a workshop. Here, I invite you to embark on a journey of discovery and experimentation, as I delve into unique techniques such as collodion wetplate, silver chloride papers, and many more.

Additionally, I provide online troubleshooting courses to support your continued growth and learning.

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In 2023, my day-rate for workshops is 850€ excl. tax and materials or travel costs.

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Collodion Wetplate Workshops

Discover the captivating allure of collodion wetplate photography through our immersive workshops. I will guide you through the intricate process of coating glass or metal plates with collodion and sensitizing them with silver nitrate. Learn the delicate art of exposing and developing these plates, producing ethereal, one-of-a-kind images that possess an unparalleled vintage charm.
My workshops will equip you with the technical skills and artistic insight to unlock the potential of this timeless technique. For those unable to attend in person, our online troubleshooting courses are available to provide guidance and support.

Learn the basic techniques to produce your first plates on glass and metal while I give you a unique hands-on experience of this delicate handcraft. Usually, the basic course takes 1 day and includes..

  • one day full experience with large format cameras
  • pour plates in the sizes 4×5″ and 5×7″
  • including a printed handout with recipes and descriptions
  • can be held in my studio in Berlin or elsewhere
  • no experience needed

Master bigger plate sizes up to 40x50cm to unleash your full creativity and address many topics like shooting outdoors, genres like architecture or landscape photography. The course contents can be adjusted to your needs, such as:

  • handling and processing bigger plates up to 40x50cm
  • processing plates outdoors
  • troubleshooting technique and chemistry
  • experience in collodion wetplate photography is needed
  • can be held in my studio in Berlin or elsewhere

Learn to handle and process glass negatives made with the collodion wetplate process, make the first steps into the printing world to get the best printable negatives for silver chloride papers. The course can be held in one day and includes…

  • handling and processing glass negatives
  • pour plates in the sizes 4×5″ to 18x24cm (depending on the experience)
  • modification of collodion negatives like redevelopment and intensification
  • retouching collodion glass negatives
  • can be held in my studio in Berlin or elsewhere

Through a webmeeting, we can address different topics through the internet, such as basics, advanced questions and also troubleshooting. Those online courses can be an introduction into the collodion wetplate process but also aims to enhance your technique.

  • enhance your skills and get cleaner plates
  • webmeeting via Zoom, Skype or similar
  • get online demonstrations how I pour and develop my plates
  • Price: 100€ per hour (incl. tax)

Silver Chloride Paper Printing Workshops

Enter the realm of silver chloride papers, where light meets chemistry to create stunning monochromatic prints. Immerse yourself in our workshops dedicated to this versatile alternative photographic process. Explore the intricacies of sensitizing, exposing, and developing these specialty papers, unlocking their unique aesthetic qualities. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a novice eager to learn, our workshops will empower you to create breathtaking images with rich tonal ranges and subtle nuances. We also offer online troubleshooting courses to assist you in overcoming any challenges you may encounter during your creative journey.

Experience the wonderful world of silver chloride print-out-papers and create your first prints on salted paper and albumen paper. This course can be held in two days and can be combined with a collodion wetplate workshop for glass negatives:

  • manufacture silver chloride papers like salted paper and albumen paper
  • learn to expose, process and tone your first print
  • get experience how to sun prints differently than a UV box
  • can be held in my studio in Berlin

This course is intended to learn the manufacture of different papers like casein based salted paper or collodion chloride papers and how they should be handled. In addition, bigger formats of papers can be processed:

  • manufacture different papers like collodion chloride paper
  • enhance your technique
  • increase the format up to 40x50cm (negatives should be available)
  • can be held in my studio in Berlin

Learn how to handle your digital images to print them on inkjet film like Pictorico. This course is intended to be held online.


Throughout my workshops, I ask all participants to write a short testimonial how they experienced the workshop.

„Ich hatte mir neben vielen neuen Infos zum Thema gewünscht, innerhalb des Tages zu erfahren wie es ist, es wirklich zu tun. Und das hat einfach nur gefunzt! Max hat mit seinem soweit ich das beurteilen kann super fundiertem Fachwissen die Gewichtung von Theorie und Praxis gut getroffen und hat es geschafft unsere so unterschiedlichen Hintergründen unter einen Hut zu bekommen. Wir waren also gut vorbereitet und hatten dann genug Zeit und Raum mit Max schönen Kameras selbst zu praktizieren. Max immer wach und im Einsatz, gerannt und gekämpft bis zur letzten Sekunde … super lieb und bis oben hin voll mit Wissen zum Thema, immer ansprechbar. …und dann dieser wunderbare Raum, Atelier + Labor, wo man super den Tag zubringen kann … und Croissants gab´s auch 😉 … aber vor Allem ein kompaktes und fundiertes Handout mit dem man glaube ich sehr gut starten kann – ich bin also ziemlich angestiftet und hoffe, das war nicht das letzte mal, mit Max etwas zu machen!“